FAQs about Sunday Scribbles

January 3, 2021 Off By ShanghaiWriting

So what is Sunday Scribbles?

Sunday Scribbles is part of the Shanghai Writing Workshop. It’s a casual writing event, where we work on our own projects. Conveniently, being on Sunday, it lines up with submitting for some of our feedback workshops, which happen on Tuesdays. It’s a chance to get out of the house, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and get some writing done amongst like-minded people. 

Who do you think would be interested in Sunday Scribbles?

Anyone who wants to fit some writing into their week. We’re not a class or a workshop, so there’s no prerequisite or skill level needed to join, and no preparation needed.

What do you do during meetings?

We write. Most of the time, it really is as simple as that. Sometimes we will also have a discussion topic, so we will have a time where we pause for a chat and share advice about something – for example we recently talked about how to find websites that list paying markets for short stories. 

Where and how often does Sunday Scribbles meet?

At the moment, we meet every two weeks at Pain Chaud on Jiangguo Road (near Jiashan Road). We’re still looking for The Perfect Writing Café, and our schedule sometimes changes to accommodate other SWW events, so be sure to follow our wechat in case of changes. 

How can I join Sunday Scribbles?

Join our wechat group by contacting Ryan (wechat ID is texaswriter), and show up to a meeting with your preferred writing materials (laptop, notebook etc). You can also see the schedule through the offical wechat for the Shanghai Writing Workshop.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

No, but do let us know you’re coming so that we can look out for you and be welcoming. 

How can I find out about what Sunday Scribbles is doing?

Follow our wechat group. 

Why did you decide to start Sunday Scribbles?

Writing can be a somewhat antisocial hobby. You spend a lot of time at home by yourself. Also, during workshop nights, we often have so many pieces to talk about that we don’t have time to socialise. I wanted to give people a chance to get out and get a change of scenery, to work companionably with their fellow writers, and to socialise with them.

What do you enjoy about Sunday Scribbles?

Eating cake. 🙂 I also like that I’ve made a time and space in my week (and hopefully other people’s too) where I make myself fit writing in, and that I do get to get out and treat myself to something nice whilst I do it – hopefully, with the company of some other like-minded people.