The Shenzhen Writing Workshop

January 17, 2021 Off By ShanghaiWriting

As the workshop continues to grow, we have decided to launch the Shenzhen Writing Workshop. As a partner organization, they will be able to better serve the literary community of Shenzhen and continue the workshop’s mission of creating better writers, developing a literary community, and offering educational opportunities to both writers and the general public.

随着写作协会不断发展壮大,我们现决定创设深圳写作协会 (the Shenzhen Writing Workshop)。作为全新的合作组织,深圳写作协会将更好地服务于深圳的文学社群,并传承写作协会的一贯使命:培养优质作者、发展文学社群、为作家及广大群众提供教育机会。


Vivian Zhu will be organizing the Shenzen Writing Workshop. A rebellious Shanghainese, Vivian resides in Shenzhen as an English teacher. She is a proud alumna of the University of Edinburgh in Comparative Literature, and she also studied at the University of Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop Summer Program with Professor Tom Drury in 2019.

Vivian Zhu将会负责深圳写作协会的组织工作。Vivian是一位叛逆的上海人,目前以英语老师的身份生活在深圳。她不仅是毕业于爱丁堡大学比较文学专业的光荣校友,同时也于2019年跟随Tom Drury教授参与了爱荷华大学举办的作家工坊暑期项目。

Vivian’s current interest lies in the inner lives of Chinese millennials in a globalized world, and in particular how overseas experiences shape their values, identities and everyday lives. She is working on her novella, The Boyfriend I Talk with on the Phone.

Vivian目前的主要兴趣集中在全球化背景下的中国00后内心世界,特别是海外经历如何塑造他们的价值观、身份认同以及日常生活。她眼下正在创作自己的中篇小说——《通讯情缘 (The Boyfriend I Talk with on the Phone)》。

The first meeting of the Shenzhen Writing Workshop will be March 21st at 6:30 at Decameron Coffee, 88 Fuhua 1st Road, Room 111. Participants can bring in fiction and nonfiction that they are working on and get it read by other members for the workshop. Please try to keep submissions to around 2000 words. To join the WeChat, add Ry at texaswriter, and he will get you added to our group, or scan the QR code on the poster. I hope to see you there.

深圳写作协会的首次集会将于3月21日晚6:30在Decameron Coffee举行,地址为福田街道福华一路88号中心商务大厦11号。参与者可携带自己创作的小说或者非虚构文学到场,并由其他协会成员进行阅读。请将内容控制在2000字以内。若想加入微信群,可直接扫描海报二维码或者添加微信好友Ry (Id: Texaswriter)申请入群。期待与你相见。

If you’re interested in starting an affiliate workshop in your city, please contact Ry for more details. Prompts, lesson plans, and publicity materials can be provided to help you start your workshop successfully.