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Shanghai Voices Begins!

The Shanghai Writing Workshop is excited about our new public reading series, Shanghai Voices. Our readings are not an open mic. Instead, they consist of local writers from the workshop and the community that have refined their work and prepared a solid reading for the public. Our first reading will be on November 20th. More details…

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Fall Writing Retreat

Hello Awesome Writers! The Shanghai Writing Workshop is having its fall retreat from November 29th to December 1st. The main poster is below with a detailed schedule and list of abstracts following it. Let Ryan know if you’re interested in joining us! You can find him on wechat at texaswriter. Abstracts On the Tip of the…

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Writing Retreat Review

From May 24-May 26, fifteen writers from the Shanghai Writing Workshop ventured to Chongming Island and wrote, studied, and socialized for three days. We held a variety of different workshop and writing challenges that allowed writers to reflect upon their own skills and build a skill set that will prove useful on future writing endeavours.…

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