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Nonfiction from Visions: Self-Titled Debut

Visions is a web and wechat literary journal run by the Shanghai Writing Workshop to promote quality English creative writing throughout China. To submit, please send your work to For more information, please visit, Self-Titled Debut Patrick Schiefen I hated ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ But I mostly hated the people who liked ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ The a cappella introduction…

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Four New Poems

by Tom Squitieri The Road Goes Home The drive has returnedNow it is the mist of the mountainsThe reminder of where you are from, and who you areDo you deserve love?Are you indeed who you are?The love and passion you have found this month, is it still far? That dreams made for realfull of beating hearts, wetness…

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The Rites of the Fourteneers

By M.L. Robinson Two weeks of constant rain had finally fallen to a thin drizzle, but there was little silence before the Building started to scream. The scream built from a whine, to a wail, and up to a hideous screech that pierced through all of Floor Fourteen. Nowhere was safe from it and nobody…

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