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The Shanghai Writer’s Workshop (SWW) is a creative organization dedicated to mentoring and connecting writers from around the world. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Ryan Thorpe and based out of Shanghai, the SWW helps creative writers of all levels sharpen their skills. Since then, the SWW has grown to a no-cost, bi-weekly workshop where writers are both challenged and supported to hone their craft. Along with the highly anticipated Spring and Fall Writer’s Retreats, and the founding of its literary journal, Visions, the SWW is committed to fostering a new generation of creative talent in China.

上海作家研讨会(SWW)是一个致力于指导和联系世界各地作家的创意组织。于2015年由Ryan Thorpe博士在上海创建,SWWS最初是只是一个会议,帮助有创造力和专业的作家提高他们的写作技能。从那时起到现在,SWW已经发展成为一个免费的、每两周一次的研讨会,这里作家们会得到各种支持和挑战,进而提高他们的写作水准。伴随着备受期待的春秋两季的写作郊游,以及《嘎三胡》文学杂志的创建,SWW将致力于培养中国新一代的创新人才。

New work from the fiction workshop

Congratulations to our very own Gaga for publishing her latest short story, “Pot of Tea, Entire Works of Shakespeare, and a Lost Dog!” Dragana Rudić, Pot of tea, entire works of Shakespeare and a lost dog I encourage you to check it out!

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Shanghai Voices Begins!

The Shanghai Writing Workshop is excited about our new public reading series, Shanghai Voices. Our readings are not an open mic. Instead, they consist of local writers from the workshop and the community that have refined their work and prepared a solid reading for the public. Our first reading will be on November 20th. More details…

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Fall Writing Retreat

Hello Awesome Writers! The Shanghai Writing Workshop is having its fall retreat from November 29th to December 1st. The main poster is below with a detailed schedule and list of abstracts following it. Let Ryan know if you’re interested in joining us! You can find him on wechat at texaswriter. Abstracts On the Tip of the…

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Four New Poems

by Tom Squitieri The Road Goes Home The drive has returnedNow it is the mist of the mountainsThe reminder of where you are from, and who you areDo you deserve love?Are you indeed who you are?The love and passion you have found this month, is it still far? That dreams made for realfull of beating hearts, wetness…

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Arc magazine

Poems – Labour and Livelihood Ends on June 15, 2019   If you subscribe to Canadian literary magazines, you’ll doubtlessly have seen Prairie Fire‘s Spring issue, “Work Matters“. Discussions about livelihood and labour and all of the things poets do to keep finding time to write are discussions that Arc wants to keep going. We’re thinking about the…

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The Rites of the Fourteneers

By M.L. Robinson Two weeks of constant rain had finally fallen to a thin drizzle, but there was little silence before the Building started to scream. The scream built from a whine, to a wail, and up to a hideous screech that pierced through all of Floor Fourteen. Nowhere was safe from it and nobody…

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Calls for Work June 1

Creative Nonfiction Seeks Submissions on “Power” Deadline: June 10, 2019 Creative Nonfiction is looking for new work about power. For this issue, we are seeking true stories that explore the dynamics within groups and systems, however big or small—for example, family units, schools, sports, churches, and government. Share your stories about power lunches, power grabs, power…

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Writing Retreat Review

From May 24-May 26, fifteen writers from the Shanghai Writing Workshop ventured to Chongming Island and wrote, studied, and socialized for three days. We held a variety of different workshop and writing challenges that allowed writers to reflect upon their own skills and build a skill set that will prove useful on future writing endeavours.…

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